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Why We're Here

Opulent Auto is here to add an elevated level of service and incredible savings to you on your next Automobile purchase or lease. We offer very competitive pricing and a personalized service quality that we greatly pride ourselves on. We work directly with major European Luxury brand dealerships and offer New and Previously Enjoyed models along with Financing and Leasing options through the chosen brand. We also have vehicles available through private sellers and collectors. So if you happen to be chasing that dream car that you just can't find anywhere, we can help!

Best of all our service is FREE to the purchasing client!

Other than the total cost of the vehicle being purchased or leased there are absolutely no Fees charged to you by Opulent Auto.


Interested in selling your Vehicle?

We can help with that also! For more details on selling your vehicle through Opulent Auto please contact us by telephone or e-mail at 514-516-5487 /

Need Detailing?

We offer full vehicle Detailing options, Ceramic Clear Coating and some light Body Repair.

For more info and pricing please call or e-mail us at 514-516-5487 /

Want to keep your NEW car looking NEW ? 

Or have your current car looking new again? We can have your beautiful vehicle ceramic coated. The ceramic coating helps create a deeper, more intense colour depth and shine while protecting the paint of the vehicle from: rock chips, scratches, paint fade, surface rust, scuffs and helps repel dust and water to keep the car cleaner for longer. We also apply the coating to the interior protecting it from stains, leather scuffs, leather fade, cracking, scratches and many other small imperfections that might accumulate over time.

 Our Ceramic Coating packages are as follows: 2 year, 5 year or lifetime protection guarantee! We highly recommend this product as over years it will pay for itself. You will save on: Car Washes and Car Wash Products, Scratch and Chip Repair and most importantly when you decide to sell your car the paint will still look beautiful and new and will in return sell much more easily and retain more of its value than others with body and paint issues.

Get into your dream car at your dream price!

Free Service!

We work around your schedule!

Let us do the hard work so you don't have to!

Car and SUV Brokering

Selling Your Car


Ceramic Coating

To Learn More, Please Call:


Don't wait till it's too late

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